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o aplicatie php acedb


create database acedb; use acedb; grant all privileges on acedb.* to ace@localhost identified by 'ace2'; drop table if exists pets; drop table if exists owners; create table pets (id int auto_increment primary key, name char(60), marks char(255), lostdate date, reward int, owner_id int, picture blob); create table owners (id int auto_increment primary key, name char(60), address char(255), phone char(40), picture blob);//connect.php<?php function petRedir() { header("Location: pets.php"); exit(); } function ownerRedir() { //header("Location: owners.php"); exit(); } function scalepicture($orig) { $needx = $needy = 250; $rx = imagesx($orig); $ry = imagesy($orig); if($rx > $needx) { $ry *= $needx/$rx; $rx = $needx; } if($ry > $needy) { $rx *= $needy/$ry; $ry = $needy; } $res = imagecreate($rx, $ry); imagecopyresized($res, $orig, 0, 0, 0, 0, $rx, $ry, …

o aplicatie php localitati romania



/* dragtable v1.0 June 26, 2008 Dan Vanderkam, \Bsortabledraggable\B Instructions: - Download this file - Add <script src="dragtable.js"></script> to your HTML. - Add class="draggable" to any table you might like to reorder. - Drag the headers around to reorder them. This is code was based on: - Stuart Langridge's SortTable ( - Mike Hall's draggable class ( - A discussion of permuting table columns on comp.lang.javascript Licensed under the MIT license. */ // Here's the notice from Mike Hall's draggable script: //***************************************************************************** // Do not remove this notice. // // Copyright 2001 by Mike Hall. // See http…