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prim cpp


int max = 10
int infint = 10000
int c[max][max]
int n,j,i,k

int min
int vecin[max]

cin n;

for i = 1 to n-1 do
 for j = i+1 to n 
  cout c[i][j] 
  cin c[i][j]
  if c[i][j] = 0 then c[i][j] = infinit
  c[j][i] = c[i][j] 

c[i][j] = 0

for i = 0 to n vecin[i]=1

vecin[i] = 0

for pas = 2 to n

// B
 min = infinit
  for i = 1 to n
   if vecin[i]!=0 then
    if c[i][vecin[i]] < min then
     min = c[i][vecin[i]]
     k = I

// C

cout k
cout vecin[k]

cost = cost + c [k][vecin[k]]

// D
vecin [k] = 0

for i = 2 to n 
 if vecin [i] != 0 then
  if c[i][vecin[i]] > c[i][k] then vecin [i]=k

cout cost


vecin []
  vecin[i] = 0   
   arbore partial construit
  vecin [i] != 0 
   varful i nu este in arbore iar prima muchie (i,v) cu v in arborel (i,v0) are costul cel mai mic

1.vf 1->arbore => vecinn all

 fie 1,2,...,b in A

2.pasii n-1

 - muchia cu cel mai mic cost in afar arborelui  (i) se celalalt varf in arborele vecin [i] pt a avea cea mai mica muchie dintre cele ce le formeaza i cu vf in arborele deja format i fie in aceasta muchie (k, vecin[k]) : B

 -se adauga muchia (k,vecin[k]) la arborele si se actualizeaza costul C
 -se actualizeaza vecin[] in conformitate cu definitia s0 (D)
  pt celelalte vf  ramase in afara arborelui se ver daca muchia (i,k) nu este mai mica decat muchia veche (i,vecin[i]) care
 legea pe i de arbore i ncaz afrimativ punandu-se vecin[i]=k;


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